Friday, December 9, 2022

Year of The Cat


Al Stewart



The YEAR of The CAT

The YEAR if The CAT


On a morning from a Bogart movieIn a country where they turn back timeYou go strolling through the crowd like Peter LorreContemplating a crimeShe comes out of the sun in a silk dress runningLike a watercolor in the rainDon't bother asking for explanationsShe'll just tell you that she cameIn the year of the cat
She doesn't give you time for questionsAs she locks up your arm in hersAnd you follow 'till your sense of which directionCompletely disappears
By the blue tiled walls near the market stallsThere's a hidden door she leads you toThese days, she says, I feel my lifeJust like a river running throughThe year of the cat
While she looks at you so coolyAnd her eyes shine like the moon in the seaShe comes in incense and patchouliSo you take her, to find what's waiting insideThe year of the cat
Well morning comes and you're still with herAnd the bus and the tourists are goneAnd you've thrown away your choice you've lost your ticketSo you have to stay onBut the drum-beat strains of the night remainIn the rhythm of the newborn dayYou know sometime you're bound to leave herBut for now you're going to stayIn the year of the cat
Year of the cat

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