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Kid Rick Aerosmith Sweet Emotion

ROCK ON !!!!

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Lisa Stansfield


Been All Round The World

Can't Find My Baby

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Because The Night Written by Bruce Springsteen

and Performed 
Bruce Springsteen
Natalie Merchant & 10,000 Maniacs


Written by Bruce Springsteen

Performed by Patti Smith

Performed by Natalie Merchant

by Daniel Zwicke



Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Prime Rib & Ringo Starr

Prime-Rib and Ringo! What you say? Yes I say "Prime-Rib and Ringo."
What the Hell do they have to do with one-and-other? Isn't Ringo a Vegetarian? Yes? But isn't he English, Prime Rib Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding? Yes? Ringo is a Vegetarian, but he probably ate and loved Prime-Rib Roast Beef before he stopped eating meat, no? Yes, we thinks so. Question to you Ringo, "Did you eat and like Prime-Rib of Beef before you became a vegetarian?" We'd love to know. Please.
So, what the Hell does Ringo have to do with Prime-Rib you want to know. OK, I'll tell you. Number one, I've loved Ringo way before I ever loved or ate my first tasty piece of Prime-Rib way back when. I've loved and known Ringo and The Beatles ever since I was 4 or 5 years old. Yes I did. I grew up with Ringo and The Beatles. They were the biggest thing on Earth, practically any ways. "Love Me Do," I Wanna Hold Your Hand, "She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah," The Beatles, Fab Four, John, Paul George, and Yes RINGO. And yes this was the order you would say their names when saying them one by one; first John, then Paul, George 3rd, and then at The End, for the Grand Finale "Ringo."
OK so you love Ringo, you grew up with him and The Beatles you, "But What the Hell Does Ringo have to do with a juicy piece of Prime-Rib of Beef that he probably wouldn't or couldn't even want to eat?"
OK so as you all know by now, I love Prime-Rib, I love The Beatles, I love Ringo, so what does one have to do with the other? Where's the tie-in?
Mr. Ringo Starr, some years ago put together a band called The All Stars. Being a Beatle, a drummer, musician, and performer Ringo as it so happens still loves playing drums and performing live.
Lately I have been thinking and dying for me a nice "Juicy" Piece of Prime-Rib. Dam they're so yummy, so tasty. Having grown up in Jersey, I love me a nice piece of Prime-Rib of Beef every now and then. Prime-Rib of Beef is a big item in restaurants in Jersey, and many will have once a week Prime Rib Night where you can get yourself a nice piece of Prime Rib, a salad, vegetables, and potato, and maybe even some desert and or soup to start or a All-You-Can-Eat "Salad Bar" all for one nice very affordable price, somewhere around $19.99 to $24.95, whatever.
I've lived in the great city of New York for more than 25 years now, and if there's two things a former Jerseyite can't get in New York, it's Taylor Ham a good piece of reasonable priced 
Prime Rib. Two things people in Jersey really love. You just can not find Taylor Ham in New York anywhere. Taylor Ham is a Jersey thing.
Now your'e talking about Taylor Ham you say? What the Hell? Real quick for those who don't know, Taylor Ham is a commercially made pork-product similar in taste to "Spam" only better that was created in 1856 in Trenton, New Jersey by John Taylor. It's yummy, and Jerseyites love it. It's in there blood. Taylor Ham is sliced and pan-fried and usually goes on a plate with eggs for breakfast or in its most famous way with scrambled or fried eggs on a Taylor Ham & Egg Sandwich. Yumm! My mouth waters just thinking of one.
OK so that's the quick skinny on Taylor Ham, along with Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and yes Prime Rib, the most beloved of Jersey Eats. So to Prime Rib and New York City. Well Prime Rib is no where near as big, popular, or beloved in NY NY they way it is New Jersey, but you can get it here, and another "but," but for a "Price." And a big price at that. Pretty much the only place more or less that you'll find Prime Rib in Manhattan is at any one of New York's great Steak Houses. Yes, besides Sirloin Steaks, T-Bones, Porter House Steaks, Filet Mignon, and Jumbo Lobsters, you can get a nice piece of juicy Prime Rib of Beef at any Steak House in New York.
A Prime Rib dinner at a New York Steak House? What's it gonna cost? Be prepared to dish out about a Hundred Bucks, maybe a little less depending upon if you go for lunch or dinner, lunch being a bit cheaper of course. Let's take Smith & Wollensky one of New York's great and most icon steak houses. At lunch you can get a nice piece of juicy Prime Rib for $36.50 .. You do mot get any vegetable or potato on the plate so add $6.50 for a baked potato. You have to have a least one drink, a beer, or glass of wine, add another $12.00 and your sub-total is $55.  You gotta pay tax and leave the waiter a good tip, so your grand total is gonna be about $72 for a bare minimum Prime Rib lunch, at dinner your gonna be around a hundred bucks. No thanks unless you are rich or have a rich friend picking up the tab. Oh yeah I can afford this, but not very often, as most of us out there in the year 2012, 11, 2010, we hope 2013 will be better and 2014, the U.S. economy booming or near to it once again. "Hope and Pray my friends," all of us 99%ers.
OK so I been dying to have me some Prime Rib of late. Even thinking of taking a trip out to Jersey to get one in one of the World's Prime Rib meccas. Yes.
I have also been wanting to see Ringo and His All Star Band for some years now. Every time I'd see his name up on the Radio City Marquee, I'd say to myself "Self, one of these days you just gotta go see Ringo." Yes.
So it's June 2012 and I see Ringo is playing at the Jones Beach Theater and I might want to go. He's not playing Radio City this year and getting to Jones Beach from Manhattan without a car can be though not impossible, a bit difficult it is, especially as compared to jumping in a cab or hopping a Subway up to Radio City, easy and just a matter of minutes. Well I started doing some research and went on to good ole Ringo's website at .. As I browsing through I see Todd Rundregn is in this years (2012) All Star Band ... This seals the deal for me. Todd is awesome. I continue to look on the website and see the schedule for the whole concert tour. Ringo is playing The Mohegan Sun Casino Arena on June 17, a Sunday and my day off. Perfect. It's my day off and it will be easier to get to the Mohegan Sun than to Jones Beach, and cheaper too with all the casino bus discounts and special offers. "I'm in." I go on line and buy some tickets. Yee-Ha I'm all set. Gonna go see Ringo, finally, and this will complete me see each and every Beatle in person. I went to a George Harrison Concert at Madison Square garden when I was just a teenager. My first Beatle. Second was John Lennon as I saw him walking down West 72nd Street one day. Quite a thrill. Even more of a thrill was when I was the Maitre'd at Da Silvano Restaurant and met Paul McCartney twice. One of those days, Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits and the great Bozz Scaggs just happened to be dining at Da Silvano as well. Paul chatted with both of them for several minutes. Quite exciting. So that's three Beatles down, John, Paul, George, and now Ringo. I can't wait, and there's going to be a bonus, my Prime rib Dinner, and it's almost for free.
A free Prime rib Dinner you say? Where? At the Mohegan Sun Casino at their buffet restaurant Seasons. Well I got on the Casino Bus, rode up there to Connecticut to the casino. The bus trip is only $15 round trip and when you get to the casino and get off the bus you get two $20 betting vouchers and the all important $20 food voucher good at any Mohegan Sun Restaurant. Yeah Babee! I did as most people do opt for the big Buffet Dinner, just $24 and all the Spare Ribs, Oysters, Clams, Fried Clams, Fried Chicken, Pasta, Stir Frys, Fish, Roast Turkey, Salads,  Veggies, "PRIME RIB" and tasty deserts you can eat. And believe me people eat.
So I get there, get on line, then pay just $4 after giving them my $20 food voucher. Awesome! We sit down, and I go up for my first bit of food, the appetizers. I get 1 piece of fried chicken, 2 Spare Ribs, and some Fired Clams. Yumm! Dam the Barbecued Spare Ribs are some of the tastiest I've ever had and if it was 2 or 3 years previous and I wasn't eating healthier, I swear i would have eaten at least 8 or 10 of these Tasty Little Bad Boys. They were so dam tasty that I was seriously tempted to go get a couple more, as opposed to getting 6 or 8 more which I would have done a few years back. I'm proud of myself I had will power, I did not get any more Spare Ribs that I desperately wanted. good boy.
After I finished that 1st plate it was time to go up and get the Main-Event, the Prime Rib. As I approached the Prime Rib Roast Turkey Carving Station i noticed the carver guy was cutting the Beef kind of thin, especially for Prime Rib, "Man Prime Rib Has Just Gotta Be Thick!" You can't eat it any other way. So I approached the guy cutting the Prime Rib and said nice and friendly like and with assertion, "Hey Buddy Give Me a Nice Thick Slice of That Prime Rib Please." And he did, twice the thickness of others I'd seen him slice. Thank You Sir! I appreciate that. As you know, the Prime Rib has just Got To Be Thick.  
Yes, the Prime Rib was Excellent, nice and Juicy, Dam tasty, just like the Pork Spare Ribs. Yummm!!!! We had a few deserts and it was off to see Ringo.
Needless to say, the concert was great. Ringo, Todd and the rest of the Band were absolutely Awesome.  The All Star Band also had in it Steve Lukather of Toto (Friggin GREAT Guitarist), Rochard Page of Mr. Mister, and founding Santana keyboard player and lead singer Greg Rolie, aka  "The Duke" of Santana.  Todd did Hello It's Me, a "Rockin" rendition of Bang The Drum, and my favorite Rundgren song "I Saw The Light." Love it! The Band led by Santana keyboardist Greg Rolie did awesome renditions of "Black Magic Woman," Everbody's Everything, and Evils ways and former Toto guitaristist Steve Lakather was every bit Carlos Santana's equal in lead guitar roll for the Santana songs along with Lakather playing guitar and lead vocals for Toto Monster Hits done by Ringo and The All Stars, which included the iconic "Roseanna" (written about actress Roseanna Arquette, along with "Africa." Awesome Show and it exceeded our expectations. 
 I Loved it, "Prime-Rib and Ringo." a Tasty Combination to say the least...
Daniel Bellino Zwicke
a Lover of Prime-Rib, The Beatles and Ringo Starr

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Superstar Groupie Delaney & Bonnie





Eric Clapton & Friends














Janis Joplin

ME and MY

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Steven Tyler Coolest Performance



Performed with LOVING MARY

Steven Tyler's cover of Janis Joplin's iconic Piece of My Heart is absolutely awesome and a gift to the World in these times of mostly Shitty Music. Tyler has taken one of Janis Joplin's signature songs and made it his own, and dare I say even better than Janis's. What? Well it is for me with Steven's fine tuned Rock Voice and the backing of fantastic band with guitars, a madolin, and some the best background vocals heard since the 70's. Yes STene Tyler's rendition of Piece of My Heart is as good as it gets. The tempo and Steven's stylings of the song are up-beat and smooth and when listened to Steven and the song just make you feel good, even Happy. Now that ladies and gentlemen is the sign of a true professional and greatness in a musical artist of the highest degree. Bravo Steven, you've done well my boy.


"Ja Ja Ja JADED"  !!!!!




Steven Tyler

"Love the New LOOK Steven"


by Daniel Zwicke


Rolling Stones - TATOO YOU


The STONES Last Great Album

Tattoo You is the 16th British and 18th American studio album by The Rolling Stones, released in 1981. The follow-up to Emotional Rescue (1980), the album is mostly composed of studio outtakes recorded during the 1970s, and contains one of the band's most well-known songs, "Start Me Up", which hit second place on the United States's Billboard singles charts.
The album proved to be both a critical and commercial success upon release, reaching the top of the Billboard charts, and selling more than four million copies in the United States alone. It was also the final Rolling Stones album to reach the top position of the US charts, thus concluding the band's string of number-one albums there, dating back to 1971's Sticky Fingers. It is considered by many fans and critics to be the Rolling Stones' last great album.
Tattoo You is an album primarily composed of outtakes from previous recording sessions, some dating back a decade, with new vocals and overdubs. Along with two new songs, the Rolling Stones put together this collection to have a new album to promote for their worldwide American Tour 1981/European Tour 1982 beginning that September. Guitarist Keith Richards commented in 1993:
"The thing with Tattoo You wasn't that we'd stopped writing new stuff, it was a question of time. We'd agreed we were going to go out on the road and we wanted to tour behind a record. There was no time to make a whole new album and make the start of the tour."

Release and Aftermath of TATOO YOU

"Start Me Up" was released in August 1981, just a week before Tattoo You, to a very strong response, reaching the top 10 in both the United States and UK, and number 1 in Australia. Widely considered one of the Stones' most infectious songs, it was enough to carry Tattoo You to No. 1 for nine weeks in the United States, while reaching No. 2 in the UK with solid sales. It's been certified 4x platinum in the United States alone. The critical reaction was positive, many feeling that Tattoo You was an improvement overEmotional Rescue and a high-quality release. "Waiting on a Friend" and "Hang Fire" became Top 20 US hits as well.
"Start Me Up" would prove to be The Rolling Stones' last single to reach as high as No. 2 in the US, while Tattoo You is their last American No. 1 album to date.
The album title was originally planned to be simply Tattoo. Jagger claims to this day that even he has no clue how the "You" became attached to the title. The title caused friction between Jagger and Richards, with Richards suspecting that Jagger had changed the title without seeking his input. The album cover for Tattoo You had concept origination, art direction and design by Peter Corriston and illustration by Christian Piper. The album cover won the Grammy award in 1982 in the Best Album Package category. It was the first Grammy award for the Rolling Stones. 





Keith Richards & Mick Jagger on St. Marks Place

East Village, New York, NY

Shooting Video for WAITING on a FRIEND


Keith Richards bops his head out of the St. Marks Bar - Grill

The East Village  1981

Corner of St. Marks Place & 1st Avenue