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Me and The Rolling Stones



Original Band with Brian Jones


Me and the Rolling Stones. Yes, me and the Rolling Stones, we go way back. Way back to near the beginning of the bands career and the first time I ever saw them play. Play on televison that is. Yes the Ed Sullivan Show, one of the greatest shows of all-time. There was much more arpound at the time. Thre was no internet, no cel phones, and no cable TV. Heck all we had TV-wise were 6 channels. Yep six telivision channels, no Netflix, no Amazon Prime Video, no DVDs or video tapes, and no cable televison, just 3 network stations and 3 local ones, and on Sunday nights, just about every family in America watched the Ed Sullivan Show. It was more or less the only game in town as they say. And we loved it. As a young boy, I loved seeing all the weekly guest stars, like : Stevie Wonder, Barbara Steisand, Flip Wilson, James Brown, The Beatles, The 5th Dimension, The Byrds, Louis Armstrong "Satchmo," The Doors, The Animals, The 4 Seasons, Tony Bennett, Brown Brown, and, the list goes on and on. And there were regulars like Topo Gigo, who was my favorite as a very young boy.

And on the Sunday night of October 25th 1964, The Rolling Stones. Wow, they blew my mind, especially the lead singer Mick Jagger with his very cool look he had at the time. They sang TIme is On My Side, and I remember not what else they did, all I know is that I loved it. This was one of the only ways to see current acts like The Beatles, The Stones, The Doors, and other musical acts of the day.

Yes the Rolling Stones and I. The Rolling Stones have been around just about all of my life, they been a constant, and they're still there. Yes, we lost Brian back in 1969. Mick Taylor joined the Stones that same year, and was in The Rolling Stones for about 5 years. Mick was great, but his stint wasn't that long. Mick left the band in December of 1974 and Ron Wood joined the band a few months later, on April 14, 1975, and it has been a perfect fit ever since. Yes Ronnie fit right in there, and I'm sure just about every Stones fan would agreehe has been a perfect fit for the band.

Yes, the Rolling Stones have been with me a long time. About 9 months after I first saw the Rolling Stones on the Ed Sullivan Show, the band gave birth to one of their biggest hits ever, and at the time, certainly their biggest Hit of all. That song of course was Satisfaction, which was released in the Summer of 1965 .. It played on the radio a lot, and I loved it every single time it ccame on the air, I was just 7 years old. The Stones have been with me all my life. I got my first Rolling Stones record of any kind about 3 years later, in 1968, when my sister Barbara and I sent away for 8 albums for just
.99 Cents from The Columbia Record Club that had this deal for years. It was an insert in the weekly TV Guide, another thing that was around for a good part of my life, but not like the Stones. TV Guide was aroudnfor me for about 20 years, in comparison to The Rolling Stones who have been around for me for 55 years now, and counting. Wow, that's really something. Anyway, my first Rolling Stones album was Through The Past Darkly which was a Greatest Hits album ( the Stones 2nd one).  We played that album all the time, my brother Jimmy and I. There were lost of great songs on the album. Songs like : Paint It Black, Jumping Jack Flash, Ruby Tuesday, Street Fight Man and others. We played the album over and over again. 

I remeber the first time I heard Can You Hear Me Knocking, with that awesome opening riff by the great Mick Taylor. My buddy Chucky and I were walking around town, and Chuck said, "let's stop by Dave Farrells house," and so we did. We knocked on the door, and Dave's Mom told us David is downstairs. We went down, and Dave was lifting weights. We were cahtting, and Dave says, "Listen to this." He put on the Stones new album




OCtober 25, 1964



Ed Sullivan Show

February 5, 1965





Mick ,Charlie and Brian



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