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"The LOOK of LOVE"


The LOOK of LOVE, is just one of a few thousand great songs recorded in the great era of 1960s - 1970s Music. Yes just one of so many thousands of great songs, of which the current era of so-called musicians could ever think of making just one song, and the musical artists and sng writers of the 50s 60s 70s and even 1980s produced Thousands of Great Songs, in the musical genres of R&B, POP, Standards, Movie Music, and of course good old Rock-N-Roll Music.

Listen to this great song, "The Look of Love" written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, and sung here by the incomparable Dusty Springfield who recorded a number of Bacharach / David hits.

The Look of Love was written in 1967 for the film CASINO ROYALE which was a spoof on James Bond films. It was originally written as an instrumental song, but David later added lyrics to it, and Dusty Springfield recorded it, and the song was released in 1968.

Bacharach said that he was inspired for the melody of the song, when he watched Ursala Andress in early cuts of the film.

Dionne Warwick, Isaac Hayes, Diana Krall, and Bobby Womack have all done covers of the song.

A cover of The Look of Love was recorded by Susanna Hoffs for the movei Austin Powers, and was included on the movie soundtrack.


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