Saturday, August 18, 2018

I Saw AEROSMITH Sweet Emotion


Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

Arrive at Rockefeller Center
with AEROSMITH Band Members

  I had the good fortune to see Aerosmith Live the other day. It show was at the Skating Rink outside at Rockfeller Center for the Today Show. I heard Aerosmith was playing and I just had to go, even if I did have to get up at 5 AM in the morining, it was well worth it to finally get to see a band that I love, and especially if I must say so, like most who follow Aerosmith, I just love Steven Tyler. It's his awesomely exhuborant energy, and fantabulous personality of the man.  Steven is always upbeat and give the people what they want. Yes the show was awesome, and I got to see Steven Tyler and Joe Perry close up as the got off their Dueces are Wild tour bus and made there way to the stage for their performance. The band really Rocked as Aerosmith always does. Sweet Emotion was explosive with Steven leading the band and getting the crowdd going and into the song and the band. So happy I made it to the show, and it was nice when Joe Perry thanked the crowd at the end of the performance, and said, "Thanks everyone for coming to see us." That was great, as was Steven , Joe himself, Brad Whitford, and Joey Kramer. It waas a Great Day, "Thank You Steven, thank you Joe, thank you Aerosmith . You guys Rocked."   PS ... Since Aeromith was in the area, the following night the performed Mama Kin on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon .

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