Thursday, June 9, 2022

Ja Ja Ja JADED Aerosmith


Steven Tyler

"Ja Ja Ja Jaded"

Mila Kunis



WIthout Questio, this is one of the Coolest Most Beautiful Music Videos ever made.
We've got Aerosmith, featuring lead singer Steven Tyler singing Jaded, and lead guitarist Joe Perry, and the stunningly Beautiful Mila Kunis, inside the gorgeous French Rococco Los Angeles Theater, all makes for a stunning video. 

It doesn't hurt that it's a great song written by lead singer Steven Tyler and Marti Frederiksen, and expertly executed by the band. Yes a great song, unlike most of the Crappy so-called music that the music industry has been putting out for the past 20 years or so. Not this one. Jaded has structure, melody, and rhythm all necessary elements to great music that the so-called music makers of these days lack and completely. To put it mildly, the so-called musicians these days just "Suck," Plain and simply. Thank God for bands like Aerosmith, bands who know how to make music. Well, though they are still around, they are of another era, beginning in the 70s, when you would not have gone anywhere if your music wasn't at least good. These days, you can make Shit Music, and the people with no taste what-so-ever will support it, and musical artist making SHitty Music can become Millionaires. "What is this World Coming to?" Thank God for the Great music of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 1980s. And Thank You Aerosmith for "Ja Ja Ja Jaded" We Love it!


Mila Kunis

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